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What is Free Energy?

Free Energy is an umbrella term for technologies that can generate 100% clean energy anywhere, at any time, converting the energy from the cosmos into usable power. These technologies have mind-blowing implications for the way we generate and use energy.

We can stop burning fuels altogether, run our homes and vehicles forever, and only use the Sun for growing food and getting a nice tan and let the wind give us cool beach hair. Can you just feel the freedom of not having to charge your devices? Yes, it will be heaven on Earth.

The ‘free’ in Free Energy refers to the freedom for all of us that can go hand in hand with the introduction of this technology. It gives us opportunity to transition from surviving towards thriving. Live in freedom, based on love and in harmony with our lovely planet Earth and all life.

One of many: Paul Baumann, with his Testatika device.


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