Energy Abundance refers to the true nature of our reality. Existence is energy, and it is always abundant. We are immersed in this infinite field of energy, which can be tapped into to meet our practical needs. Good news, there is more than enough for everyone!

We embrace this truth with open arms and want to share it with you. That’s why we chose this name to embody our Documentary Project, which will show that a world of prosperity and freedom is within our reach. We only have to become aware of it.

How is this possible?

Free Energy

Free energy is an umbrella term for technologies that can generate 100% clean energy anywhere, at any time, converting the energy that we are all surrounded with into usable power. These technologies have mind-blowing implications for the way we generate and use energy: we can stop burning stuff altogether, and we don’t have to rely on the fluctuating behaviour of the wind or the sun anymore. In fact, we can run our homes and vehicles indefinitely with a power source that continuously generates all the energy we need. The ‘free’ in free energy refers to the freedom for humanity that goes hand in hand with the introduction of this technology. It gives us the freedom to live independently from a destructive system, and in harmony with our lovely planet Earth and all life.

Our Journey

Four inspired friends have come together to make a high-end documentary about the reality of free energy, and what it means to us as humans and our society. We feel that by spreading awareness through our creativity, we are opening people’s hearts for these evolutionary technologies to be born in this world. 

Film, physics, passion and love are merging to produce beautiful content that speaks to a new generation that dreams of a breathtakingly lively world and is willing to co-create it. 

Want to embark on this epic paradigm shift together with us? 

Meet the Team

Casper Boom

is a filmmaker and director from Amsterdam, who focuses his energy on new ways of living in harmony with all life, which he translates into films. His energy is as his last name suggests: an implosion of creativity and positivity.

Karsten van Asdonk

has a bachelor in Biomedical Engineering and is now a physics student in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, with a deep interest in new energy technologies and how consciousness plays a key role in physical systems. His curiosity drives him towards the merging of science and spirituality. 

Isabella dos Santos

has a great passion for the Earth and her nature, and sees clearly that the old paradigm is making way for one of compassion and individual as well as collective evolution. An Environmental Health graduate.

Bob Aronds

has been working in film for over 7 years. Through a journey of zen-meditation, embodiment and self-discovery, he opened up for doubling down on his passion. Creating a more loving world through film-making and connecting people.


A movie says more than a million words. The Energy Abundance documentary will shed light on the phenomenon of free energy with a youthful passion and a brilliant outlook on the future. Find out more!

Research (Coming Soon)

Want to dive deeper into subject of free energy yourself? Start here! You will find a selection of books, articles and a historical database that provide a good overview on the science, history and beauty of the field of free energy.


Be part of the transformation to a world of abundance! Your heart’s desire and your curiosity in expanding the field of free energy are very welcome here. Open source collaboration is the name of our game.


Money itself is neutral: we can do amazingly loving things with it. Do you want to support this movement and the positive energy behind it? The Energy Abundance Documentary and this whole platform are solely driven by heart-felt contributors like you.


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