Energy Abundance shares knowledge and wisdom on Free Energy, lighting the way for a loving society in harmony with all life.


Can you feel it? Try to touch it. Smell it. You can even hear it. It is everywhere, and it’s all there is. As a matter of fact, you are it! Your body, your words, thoughts, sounds, trees and rocks - with energy, the universe expresses itself. Energy is the playground of all possibilities.

Oh boy, do we have enough! Imagine standing under a waterfall and asking yourself where all that water is coming from, it feels like it’s never ending. That’s abundance! Abundance also means happiness, because there is plenty for everyone.


Energy Abundance, a simple truth in two words. Existence is energy, and it is always abundant. We are immersed in a boundless field of energy, like fish in the ocean, which can even be tapped into to meet ALL of our energy needs. If that isn’t magic, we don’t know what is.

That’s why we chose this name for this platform and our documentary, which will show that a world of true happiness is within our reach. We only have to become aware of it.

“YES! Everything’s going to be alright! But how?!”

Free Energy is an umbrella term for technologies that can generate 100% clean energy anywhere, at any time, converting the energy from the cosmos into usable power. These technologies have mind-blowing implications for the way we generate and use energy.

We can stop burning fuels altogether, run our homes and vehicles forever, and only use the Sun for growing food and getting a nice tan and let the wind give us cool beach hair. Who needs hair products when you have wind? And can you just feel the freedom of not having to charge your devices? Yes, it will be heaven on Earth.

The ‘free’ in Free Energy refers to the freedom for all of us that goes hand in hand with the introduction of this technology. It gives us the freedom to live independently and in harmony with our lovely planet Earth and all life.

Paul Baumann, with his Testatika device.

A video says more than a million words. Watch all of our fresh content here. Eventually, the Energy Abundance Documentary will shed light on the world of Free Energy with passion and a brilliant outlook on the future. Grab your popcorn, you’re going to need it.

Want to dive deeper into the world of free energy yourself? Start here! You will find a selection of articles, books and a historical database that provide a good overview on the science, history and beauty of the field of Free Energy.

Be part of the transformation to a world of abundance! Your heart’s desire and your curiosity in expanding the field of Free Energy are very welcome here. Open source collaboration is the name of our game.

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