Meet the Team

Casper Boom

is a filmmaker from Amsterdam, who focuses his energy on new ways of living in harmony with all life, which he translates into films. His energy is as his last name suggests: an implosion of creativity and positivity.

Karsten van Asdonk

has a bachelor in Biomedical Engineering and is now a physics student in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, with a deep interest in new energy technologies and how consciousness plays a key role in physical systems. His curiosity drives him towards the merging of science and spirituality. 

Isabella dos Santos

is a co-creator, peacemaker, visionary and is interested in all things about Free Energy. Through her studies in Environmental Health and her deep connection with Earth, she sees that the the physical laws of the Universe reflect a grace and abundance she wants to share far and wide.

Bob Aronds

has been working in film for over 7 years. Through a journey of zen-meditation, embodiment and self-discovery, he opened up for doubling down on his passion. Creating a more loving world through film-making and connecting people.

Our Journey

Every journey starts with a calling. In our case, Free Energy is gently screaming in our faces. Four inspired friends have come together to tell you about the reality of Free Energy, and what it means to us as humans and our society. By spreading awareness through creativity, we are opening people’s hearts and minds for these evolutionary technologies to be born in this world. To build up towards producing an epic film, we are creating this very platform - the Energy Abundance website - where we will share fundamental principles, research and interesting updates on the field of Free Energy with you. In the end, the documentary will be freely available for everyone to watch. Film, knowledge, wisdom and crazy passion are merging to produce beautiful content that speaks to a new generation that dreams of a breathtakingly loving world and is willing to co-create it. Want to embark on this epic paradigm shift together with us?


Our Documentary will give a broad, concise and easily understandable overview of Free Energy technologies. It will answer all main questions as to what it is, how it works, why we don’t have it yet and what’s possible when we accept its reality. The goal of the film is to show people the light and abundance that this existence already embodies, through the lens of Free Energy. It speaks from the heart of a boundlessly enthusiastic youth, and is bound to touch your heart too!
Storyline. Everything is energy, and it is everywhere around us. What if we put this energy to use directly? Casper and Karsten know that ways exist to generate abundant clean energy from the vacuum of space. The two friends feel a strong desire to spread the message about this technology and its astounding implications for humanity. In their adventure around the world, they meet the pioneers who have devoted their lives to move it forward. As they dive into a largely unknown history and explore the resistance of mankind to this great shift in the energy paradigm, it becomes clear that it really isn’t only about introducing technology. It is about raising our own level of consciousness and cultivating the awareness of the collective.

Cypsela Foundation

“It takes one seed to create a flower!”

To guide and host this buzzing positive energy, we have set up a non-profit organization called Cypsela Foundation, in the Netherlands. With this foundation, we create fertile soil for great ideas like Energy Abundance.

What about that name, though? Well, the Cypsela is that small seed with its own little parachute that flies with the wind, once you blow on a dandelion. Just nature’s way of spreading new flowers - new inspiration, new life! - really easily.

Cypsela Foundation
Weverstraat 8
5612 BZ Eindhoven, The Netherlands
KvK: 81465718
IBAN: NL54 TRIO 0320 1606 61