Generosity from the heart

New times glimmer at the horizon. We’re kind of blessed to be part of this roller-coaster on planet Earth. We wonder how money and our perspective as a collective towards it will transform in the future. Could we stop seeing money as an end goal, and more like a means to convey energy? A means to share, nourish and love?

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A great Zen teacher, Doshin Roshi, inspires us with some customs from the East: “Traditionally in Buddhism, the precious Lineage teachings are a gift of unconditional love - given freely, beyond price, with no expectation of receiving anything in return. Historically, Buddhist monks have no possessions, their lives an embodiment of the Teachings they have received. This Eastern custom of dana (giving generously) directly involves the community, who respond by giving the monks money and food so they can survive and continue teaching. In the East, such giving and receiving is woven into the collective-focused culture.”

See here, the power of unconditional generosity. This ancient wisdom hits home for us and we’ll stick to it for now. This means we give our time and energy as a gift. In the same spirit, we welcome gifts in return, whether they are money, talents, work, time or contacts.

We gratefully invite you to join us in giving unconditionally from the heart. Feel free to contact us.
On behalf of the Energy Abundance team, we thank you.