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These links will guide you to other hubs and corners of the internet where Free Energy is felt and seen. Be sure to check these out, too. Most of the links are extracted from the list in the book ‘Hidden Energy’ by Susan Manewich and Jeane Manning.

Global Breakthrough Energy Movement

New Energy Movement

The Nui Foundation
Vetting Moral Technologies

American Anti-Gravity
The journal of Anti-Gravity and breakthrough propulsion physics

Infinite Energy Magazine
Eugene Mallove

Safire Project, Plasma Reactor

Brilliant Light Power
Plasma technology

Inductance Energy
Magnetic Motor, Earth Engine

Infinity SAV
Magnetic Motor

Sirius Disclosure
Steven Greer

The Orion Project
Steven Greer

Rex Research
Very extensive database

Pleasant Quantum Rise
From survivability to thriveability

1 Stop Energies
Erica Nunez & Daniel Nunez

E Media Press
Aaron Murakami

Free Energy Special Interest Group
True vision of peace

The science the Metrics of the Aether

Paramahamsa Tewari

John Bedini
Magnetic Motor Inventor

SEG Society
John Searl

Tom Bearden

Overunity Research

Free Energy Info
Extensive schematic/patent database

Free Energy Truth

A Healed Planet
Wade Frazier

Sepp Hasslberger

John Hutchison

Integrity Research Institute
Thomas Valone

Jean-Louis Naudin

Keely Net
John Keely

The Venus Project

Zero Point Energy

Free Energy 4 All
Dutch, Dick Korf

Nul Punt Energie
Dutch, Frank Bonte