Main Questions

About Free Energy

What is Free Energy?

Free Energy is a collective term for a whole range of technologies that can generate clean power anywhere in the world, at any time, without the need for external fuels. It doesn’t involve the use of solar or wind power, either. Most of these technologies work by converting an ambient energy field called the ether into useable power. Within the collective of Free Energy, there are also technologies that can make your car run on water instead of gasoline.

In other words, Free Energy is technology that allows us to generate and use energy in a decentralized way, without destroying Mother Nature in the process. No fuels means no emissions. In fact, with a Free Energy device in your car, you would never have to stop to fuel the tank. Except for your necessary coffee break, of course. Imagine what you can do, when all the energy you will ever need is right here at your fingertips…? Free Energy technology will make it happen.

Where does the energy come from?

For thousands of years, philosophers and scientists have claimed that there is an energy field that connects us all, and is the foundation for our entire universe. Amongst many names, they called it the ether (from Greek ‘aether’, meaning ‘fresh air’). Today’s latest science confirms that there is such an energy field, which likely holds more energy than the energy of all the stars in the universe combined. Wrap your head around that!

Over the last century and even further back, brilliant inventors and scientists have worked to tap into the ether, and some of them have succeeded. Among them was Nikola Tesla, Thomas Henry Moray, and many others. Most working devices somehow got into resonance with the ether energy field. Think of two tuning forks with the same ringing frequency: when we strike one and hold the other close, the latter starts ringing, too. This way, energy is being transferred from the ether into the device, where it is transformed into electricity, heat or another useable form of energy.

Why is it not here yet?

If Free Energy is so groundbreaking, why don’t we already use it? Good one! This is where technology ties in with the nature of who we are as humans. Simply put, many technologies don’t make it to the market, because they are too advanced, too disruptive to the current economy and society, and people cannot make a profit from them. This is why it took so long for electric cars to become popular, even though they are about as old as the cars that run on gasoline.

If we dive a little deeper, we see that it all has to do with our level of morality and awareness towards ourselves, others and the environment. When we open up to the reality of our connection with nature and how we can only thrive in harmony with it, we will break the barriers that are holding technologies like Free Energy back. Don’t get us wrong, this is a major paradigm shift in every aspect of society, and this great change instills resistance in people, too!

Keep in mind that the big oil companies and such forces do have a say in this, but they are still made up of people like you and me. It’s easy to point fingers at them, but it’s a lot more constructive to recognize their resistance to change in ourselves. In the end, when a critical mass of people aware of Free Energy is reached, the technology can truly thrive.

What are the implications?

Wow, where do we begin…? When Free Energy technologies are implemented in society, every aspect of our day-to-day life will have changed. You won’t recognize the ways of old anymore. In short, we will move from a world of scarcity to one of abundance. With Free Energy, the energy for any process anywhere – be it transport, production, agriculture, anything – will be abundantly present instantly. This has great impact on the way we value things, because most of our value today is in physical products and their resources and production processes. Now, when the energy to produce something becomes abundant, its value will greatly diminish. Moreover, we can make recycling existing products a lot cheaper, since that still costs a lot of energy – and we can do this anywhere!

On a deeper level, a new economy will be born, based on a new value system. What will have true value, once material and energy value has almost gone to zero? That’s up to us! What if we ascribe true value (back) to human attention and care? Think agriculture, healthcare, education, self-development, creativity and the arts. Greed will become a silly thing, because who needs to be greedy, when all the energy you need is right here with you? This of course also has implications for our work and leisure balance. Fighting for survival will be a thing of the past, and we will have the choice to work on something that is close to our heart, and still have loads of free time. This is only the tip of the iceberg, though! What do you think will change?

What can I do?

Don’t think yourself too small! This may seem like a huge mountain to climb for humanity, but the transition is already underway. We would like to highlight the importance of self-development in this story. It is through the realization that we all are true creators that we find the power to make a change. Obviously this starts with the all-star, the hero or heroine: you. When you discover your true values, desires and truths, you will start to move towards a reality which reflects that inner world. We can call this spiritual growth. It is hopping to the next level of consciousness, one which is not in conflict but in harmony with everything that exists. Sounds far out? Well, what do you truly desire? ‘Following your heart’ may sound cliché, but go ahead and try it out, it may literally blow your mind where it will take you…

When it comes to the story of the technology, there’s a lot more you can do. Connect with other people, open up the conversation about it. Investigate and do your own research, on this website and beyond. Try to replicate a device that you find most intriguing, or join a team doing just that. Stay curious! All of this will help to expand the field of Free Energy, the awareness of it and the eventual total release into a new, loving society.