What are the implications?

If you let your imagination run wild on this one, you can picture a society so vastly different from ours today that it could resemble a happy ending to a sci-fi movie. Free Energy is the hallmark of an enlightened civilization, where everyone has what they need, there is no need for competition or strife and everyone can follow their heart’s desire boundlessly. Let’s take a closer look at a possible bright future beyond ‘the sky is the limit’ at several levels of society. Then, we will sketch a scenario as to how we might get there on a very short notice.

In the long run

Today, most of the value is ascribed to resources, man hours and the energy it takes to complete a process. Resources are scarce, not because we have too little of them, but because it takes huge amounts of energy to effectively recycle them. We just burn most of our waste instead – not very clean. Moreover, many resources are directly related to generating energy: coal, oil, gas, uranium and plutonium for example. But also lithium for a battery to make your phone ring for a day. With Free Energy, however, all the energy for every process is available everywhere, immediately. We can briefly list what that means to our previously named ‘problems’:

  • We don’t need fossil fuels
  • We don’t need huge windmill and solar farms
  • Resources are abundant, because recycling is extremely cheap
  • Most processes including production and agriculture are done locally, pollution-free
  • All vehicles have a virtually infinite range, pollution-free
  • Your phone never dies on you!

Now you might begin to get a feel for the scale of the transition we’re talking about. The points above all have their waterfalls of implications, but let’s see what they mean for you personally.

You can live anywhere you want.

Housing became dirt cheap, because the materials can be extracted and processed locally. You can do it yourself, or let machines help you – they never get tired. Don’t worry about power bills or laying cables: you will have your own Free Energy generator to power your home all day, all year. You could live on the top of a mountain, at the bottom of the ocean or in the middle of a jungle. Or in a cozy town off the Spanish coast with your friends and family.

You can go anywhere you want.

Transportation is practically free. You can drive your car from Canada to Argentina without refueling. You can take the plane to the Maldives, and you only have to pay the pilot. Transportation of goods over long distances will become unnecessary, because most items can now be produced locally. The purpose of transportation will be mostly traveling for fun and visiting friends and relatives. Free Energy has brought our flight technology to a new level. Not only can we travel to other continents in a whim, but outer space has opened up for us to explore unknown worlds.

You can do anything you want.

The balance of work and leisure has shifted mostly to leisure. If you want to contribute to society, your value will be the attention that you give to other people, the environment or to the goods that you make. You can still be a doctor, or you can start to make your own soil and grow your own food. It goes a little deeper than that, though! Since we don’t have to struggle to fit into a system that provides for us anymore, we may re-evaluate the question of what we truly desire to experience, and what it means to be human. The strength of this new, loving society is in the diversity of heart’s desires of the many people that constitute it. Just like nature is a harmony, a giant ecosystem, based on a great diversity of species with their specific place and role, so is humanity. Everyone is connected to their heart, their purpose shines through and nature provides for the optimal balance. Taking care for each other and sharing the abundance of life have become the norm, and the rest of the adventure is up to you!

Daniel Dingel, with his car that runs on ordinary water.

On a short notice

Does all of this seem far away to you? If not, chances are you’re already living the reality that is close to your heart, and you feel this future scenario is indeed close at hand. If yes, understandably so! How in the world could we get there? In the previous points, we touched upon aspects of life that, in principle, are not necessarily related to the introduction of Free Energy. As mentioned earlier, Free Energy is just the hallmark of a society based on love, freedom and peace – these go hand in hand. We won’t get there just by introducing the technology, especially if our level of consciousness and the systems that are based upon it are not ready. Some of our old systems and ways of thinking may need to break down completely to make room for new ones.

This transition period, which has already begun, starts with the realization that we are very powerful, loving beings, capable of shaping our own reality. This shift in consciousness triggers a decentralization, a reclaiming of our own individual voice and power. Centralized systems can fall apart in smaller, local ecosystems with their own governance and economy. People can start trading goods and services that they hold to be truly valuable amongst each other, with a new, decentralized currency system. We may form neighborhoods where we know each other well and we can support each other on all levels. At the same time, this shift in consciousness comes with a deep sense of connection and unity with all life. Society will not have central governance, but it also won’t be divided in ‘islands’ struggling for power, like in the feudal days of the Middle Ages. We remember that we are part of nature, and that we thrive best when we are in harmony with her and each other. We may stop to give our money and energy to systems far away from us that harm our environment, and instead invest in healthy and loving alternatives that are close to home. Think of supporting your local craftsmen and buying food from your local farmer.

Such a decentralized society is the perfect fertile ground for the introduction of Free Energy technologies, because no central power can take hold of Free Energy and claim a monopoly. No one can get filthy rich from it, no one can take the credit. It is a grassroots, bottom-up conception from the people to the people and the Earth. It is a gift of abundance.

You might notice many of these short term implications are consequences of how you, as an individual, perceive life and how you act accordingly. We’ll get more into that under the final question: ‘What can I do?’ That being said, we are living in very turbulent and exciting times, where many changes happen simultaneously. Life is full of surprises, and precisely how we end up in a beautiful loving civilization is unknown. The fact is that many of us are already envisioning and paving the way to such a new world. It’s only a matter of time for this pioneering group to reach a critical mass. Will you join this wave of epic change?