What can I do?

The world seems to be on fire, and it can feel it is spinning out of control. The problems that humanity is facing seem bigger than humanity itself. Younger generations in particular are saddled with the responsibility to fix things, which basically means transforming society as a whole. Oof, that sounds like a lot to handle! It’s not that we are not up for that, though. We strongly feel that a radically new, loving society is just around the corner, and the transition is already happening. Free Energy will play a major role in this new world, since it will literally return the power to each individual, in complete harmony with our environment. It is up to each and every one of us to actively participate in its inception. Do you feel the same? If you haven’t lost hope in your future yet (and also if you have), here are some guidelines to contribute to a world in which your heart’s desires can be fulfilled.

Spiritual growth

In the previous questions, we have already seen that consciousness plays the most fundamental role in how we experience the world. That is to say that your state of mind determines how you respond to the world and how the world responds to you. When we talk about spirituality, we talk about the realization that you are in essence pure consciousness – whether you believe to have a soul or not – having a human experience. You are creating your own reality. You are the master of your universe! Upon realizing this, one might be slightly overwhelmed by a sense of responsibility. If I create my own reality, what do I want my reality to look like? This is a question that nobody can answer for you. You will only find the answer within yourself: it is a journey to your core. It is a path of getting to know your true self, your norms and values, strengths and weaknesses, wants and desires. The world that you long for starts with you – it starts within you. That leads us to the realization that there is really nothing you can do on the outside of yourself to manifest your desired reality. When you get in tune with yourself – that is, when you know yourself and live to truly be yourself – you will be exactly where you need to be and do exactly what you need to do to be in total harmony with all of life. You are in the flow, and life unfolds in front of you effortlessly. Many people have sincere doubts as to whether other people are really capable of finding this sense of love and connection within. Yet, by looking for the ‘solution’ in the world out there, they forget that they themselves are not looking within to be the change they want to see in the world.

“By not adoring the worthy, people will not fall into dispute.
By not valuing the hard to get objects, people will not become robbers.
By not seeing the desires of lust, one’s heart will not be confused.
Therefore the governing of the saint is to empty one’s mind, substantiate one’s virtue,
weaken one’s worldly ambition and strengthen one’s essence.
He lets the people to be innocent of worldly knowledge and desire,
and keeps the clever ones from making trouble with their wits.
He acts naturally without desire, then everything will be accomplished in its natural order.”

Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching, Chapter Three

So, what are you to do? Start by doing nothing at all! Sit still, close your eyes, take a couple of slow and deep breaths. Experience how you can just be without actually having to do anything – it is an amazingly relaxing experience. Feel how your body feels. Run your awareness from head to toe and back. If you feel like it, ask yourself the question: what do I really want to experience? Be still again. Feel what kind of feelings emerge in your body, and listen to any thoughts entering your mind. Staying centered like this while just observing your inner world responding will give you clues as to where to be and what to do, while at the same time letting you know that everything is alright as it is.

Finding out what you truly want to experience in life leads to you doing exactly what you love to do. This is important, because if we act out of love, everything we do will be imbued with a sense of love, whether that is eating a banana or donating all of your money to charity. There is no pressure to save the world, because you can’t save the world. You can only do what you truly love to do. We love telling you about the beauty of Free Energy, so there you go! If you feel a desire to contribute to the field of Free Energy yourself, here are some practical things that might inspire you.

John Christie and Lou Brits, with their Lutec Engine.

Bringing Free Energy forward

Firstly, realize that your desire to live in a world of love and abundance is not unique. In fact, who doesn’t want to live in such a world? Many people already walk their path towards it. It helps greatly if you connect with these people and share your desires. Many great initiatives and groups have been founded to spread awareness and do research on Free Energy: see for example Friends of Energy Abundance. By connecting with these initiatives and sharing your desires and talents, you will greatly inspire other people to do the same.

If your curiosity flows towards doing more research yourself, then go ahead! Scour this website and the rest of the internet for anything you can find on Free Energy, its rich history, its many inventions and startling implications. Be blown away by what it means to you and the world that you live in. If Free Energy leads to other rabbit holes of research, don’t shy away, just dive in. Don’t forget to come back, though. Maybe your curiosity drives you towards getting physical with actual inventions. Find out for yourself whether you can reproduce a technology that you found, or team up and do it together.

Finally, open up the conversation! Ask your friends, family and loved ones what they truly want to experience in life. Or ask strangers. What is their heart’s desire? Tell them about what you found in the field of Free Energy, about the world you envision to be on the horizon. Don’t try to convince them of anything: their reality depends on their consciousness. You can only plant seeds of what you feel to be good and true, and let nature do the rest.


Realize that there is nothing you can do to save the world. Then stop doing. Get in tune with yourself, with life itself. Then, you do what your enthusiasm and love whisper to your gut feelings. You do what you love to do. Start your own research into Free Energy. Connect with the people having the desire to create a world based on love and abundance. Speak with everyone you know about your realizations and inspire them. This way, the manifestation of Free Energy in the world is inevitable – it is going to be that amazing. What a time to be alive!